Liza Lacroix's portraits, characters 

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Faces are the most expressive parts of our body, but as painted by Canadian artist Liza Lacroix they become confused blotches of thick paint. Perhaps that’s what pushes us to delve even deeper into them with our gaze.

The series, realized by Lacroix in 2013, follows up on another collection of works on bigger canvases whose subject was the face of Commedia dell’Arte character Pierrot. After transforming her home in Brooklyn into a studio, the more limited and intimate working space is reflected in these paintings in a smaller format and its tormented subjects.

The portraits are made using an oil technique on Lexan, a resin that belongs to the family of polycarbonates, used often for advertising posters. The colors are instead applied with a sumptuous yet tremulous style.

Liza was particularly inspired by the representation of fabrics in fashion and art, with their rich tones and textures. In particular by a Prada ad campaign and an exhibition on Manet at the Metropolitan. Among her influences Liza also lists Mark Rothko, the artist who was a precursor of color field painting, and the environment in which he lives, made of simple and chance encounters: “Happy accidents” she calls them.

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